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A Three-month Employment Leads To A Permanent Life In Denmark

A three-month employment leads to a permanent life in Denmark

Back in 2016, JT Works offered Lucian Manole a three-month employment contract, which became the start of a whole new chapter in his life.
The decision of accepting JT Works contract, led to several years of great relationships with colleagues, attractive work experiences on his resume and a foreign country that became a home.

Lucian is one of our Romanian employees who has been working at JT Works for several years. With his “ready to embrace changes” mindset and an electrical background, Lucian has been working on various projects with some of our largest customers – including DNV Gødstrup, where his main responsibility has been coordinating cable installations for the past 22 months.

JT Works became like a family to me

With the good job opportunity, Lucian’s relationship with Denmark was primarily work-related – or at least this is what he believed. However, this turned very fast into something completely different, with the help of JT Works, as he says:

For me, JT works was like a family that I could always count on, whether it was work-related or personal. They gave me the confidence and necessary information to think about living permanently in Denmark. The team has a great understanding of how to deal with their foreign employees – they provided the right support that made me feel at home

To meet our employees’ needs, as satisfying as possible, is highly prioritized at JT Works. We believe that the relationship and confidence are essential in this type of collaboration, because it increases the well-being of the employees, and their performance at work.

Additionally, JT Works’ role, in collaboration with our customer’s needs, has been to develop and give Lucian greater responsibilities in time, so he maintains the motivation and stands stronger among other candidates.


Being part of the team

The DNV-project was the perfectly fit for me. It has been a very exciting and challenging project. But most importantly; I have established relationships with my Danish colleagues like nothing before. And it gave me ‘i’m part of the team’ feeling


As a recruitment agency, our role is to create this kind of perfect match between our employee and customer, and in this case, we believe we fulfilled our goal, as our customer describes:

Based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best substitutes we have ever had – he is reliable and hard-working, and he has my highest recommendation

At JT works, you will be treated as one of the team – no matter your nationality, position, background etc. The diversity and multicultural environment are prominent in our agency, being reflected in the way we work every day. This has helped strengthen Lucian’s relationship with our office consultants, and build that kind of trust. Regarding the future, Lucian has no doubt that he belongs to JT Works.  



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