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The reasons you should choose

JT Works

JT Works is a 100% Danish owned company with broad experience in the labor market.

We recruit and hire both skilled and unskilled workers in a wide range of jobs.

We deliver:

  • High standards
  • Carefully selected candidates
  • Professional cooperation with an open dialogue and direct insights into the realities of your business world.
  • Solid academic background
  • Overview
  • Flexibility

We cover all areas, and we take care of the practical; salaries, contacts, holiday pay, pension and G-days etc. 

We have professional arrangements with, among other 3F, and we employ temporary workers at a wage level that matches other new employees in your company or in accordance with existing agreements in the company.

At JT Works you can get a flexible staffing solution, giving you the opportunity to supplement with even more competent staff as needed.

We give you rapid adaptability of your labour capacity, which will increase your competitiveness and gives maximum utilisation of your resources – without increasing fixed costs.

Contact us if you have questions or would like a quote. We are also happy to visit you and hold a face to face meeting.

We look forward to helping you with your next temporary or newly hired employee.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you hire a temporary worker for more than five consecutive days, the first day is a “trial day”.

If the temporary worker is not up to the company’s needs, you will not have to pay for the temporary worker. JT Works pays the expenses.

The advantages

for companies

Not having to say No THANKS to an order.
The Danish business market is still unstable. Your company’s production and workload can vary and in some periods high fixed labour costs could be risky for your company.

We adapt to your needs:

  • In the company
  • At the construction site
  • At home
  • In the garden

At JT you can have a flexible staffing solution, which gives you the opportunity to supplement them with even more skilled employees as needs arise. We enable you to rapidly adjust your production capacity and strengthen your competitiveness, giving you maximum use of your resources – without increasing fixed costs.

Your company’s flexibility is a crucial strategic factor in the Danish business community.

European studies show that the use of temporary workers in  conjunction with a company’s productivity are key factors in enabling positive growth.

The advantages

for temps

When you are looking for work, it is no secret that the right job does not always grow on trees.

Why not then become one of us at JT Works

-A temporary position allows you to quickly get back to work in just the kind of business you want.

The benefits are many, and by being temp in our staffing service will mean that we send you out to one or more companies, which could benefit from just that you’re good at.

  • We take into account your wishes for working hours.
  • We represent all branches
  • We work under existing work-agreement-rules
  • We guarantee professional cooperation

De rette kandidater med de rigtige kvalifikationer finder JT Works hurtigt. De er meget præcise i deres forventninger til, hvor hurtigt, de kan løse opgaven.

Jesper Sørensen

JT Works hjælper hurtigt uanset om der er tale om en midlertidig løsning eller rekruttering af faste medarbejdere inden for vores branche. Responstiden er kort og arbejdsgangene smidige. Vi undgår administrativt bøvl og der er smil i stemmen uanset om vi taler i telefon eller sidder og taler om tingene.

Jesper Sørensen

Når det brænder på, og vi har brug for ekstra bemanding, er det en naturlig ting at kontakte JT Works i Skive for hjælp. På den måde undgår vi at skuffe vores kunder og sige nej til ordrer.

Jesper Sørensen

JT Works har været os kompetent og fleksibel samarbejdspartner, hvor ydelser har været leveret til aftalt tid og pris.

Lars Sejersen

I forbindelse med eksempelvis seriefejl på elektroniske LED drivere, har JT Works arbejdet for LUMITECH hvor de har udbedret fejl hos slutbrugere såvel i Danmark som Sverige. Vi har kun modtaget positive tilbagemeldinger.

Lars Sejersen

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